Hi I am Angie the Beautiful and You are too...

All my life, starting with birth (I was a cull baby!) remarkable, uncanny, and Spirituous situations, events and experiences have taken place either with me or others who were near me! I love being able to open myself and allow the magic of Spirit to flow through me; whether it is for readings, healings, or teaching!


Meet Angie the Beautiful and You are too...

Here are a few of my favorite things

Coffee   Nature   Meditation   Hiking   Fishing   Family   Friends  Reading   Jewelry   Sparkly Anything   Massages   Gardening   Pets  Wild Birds   Animals   Trees   Fairies   Good Food   Swimming  Running    An Occasional Old Fashioned    Baking   Mixed Media Art  Playing Cards    Putt-Putt Golf    Bean Bag Toss  Grilling   Snowmobiling   Traveling   Snow Shoeing   Museums



A heart shaped spinach!

Garden - whether it is a windowsill or digging your hands into the ground; it is a great way to connect back to the Sacred Mother. I grow a variety of veggies and flowers!  It is a great way for me to mingle with elementals!



Check out this fairy condo!

Hiking - in nature or around a city block is an excellent way to meditate!  Experiencing the different seasons through your senses, or having fun with family and friends, hiking can open up more doors than just your back door!

angie fish


The perch I caught!

Fishing - Catching a fish to me is a true measure of the Law of Attraction!  The intention to fish brings up many metaphors for life for me!  Go big or go home; being on the water is just as gratifying to me as is catching the big one!