The Universal Principles

What are The Universal Principles?

After numerous nudges from Spirit, she dove head first into readings. Angie found a theme, running through each of her client’s readings. It was uncanny and persistent. It can even take the most seasoned intuitive to connect the dots. She found she was having to explain the basic energies of how this time space continuum, (Earth) works.

Wanting to give her clients the utmost presence and time during each session, she realized, a collection of these energies was need to be shared with everyone.

That is when, The Universal Principles, was born. Many of the principles have been explored, lived and penned by other authors, healers, mystics and even religions. Co-creating these principles with Spirit, was easy and exciting; remember every intuitive is an instrument or vessel for Spirit to work through.

The Universal Principles, are a collection of energies that effect everyone, everywhere, regardless of culture, language, or boundaries. These energies have been around since the Earth was intended.

Using The Universal Principles, as a litmus test when looking for a holistic healer or reader, will inevitably, ease the hunt for a great practitioner and one that is on the up and up.

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